What is my diet type?

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I know I eat too many carbs.  When I track my calories, my macro breakdown is usually 50 to 55% carbohydrates.  Imagine my extreme disappointment when I did my Pathway Fit genetic test to find out that I am a Low Carb Diet Type and should keep complex carbs to 40% of my total intake.  Why the hell did I do this test again?  Okay, okay, to be healthier and to enter my next decade with the knowledge and tools to maintain optimal weight, slow cellular aging, and feel my very best.  But, why couldn’t I have Mediterranean diet, balanced diet or even low fat diet type? 

The Pathway Fit test measures over 40 genetic markers that deal with your metabolism, exercise and energy use.  Understanding more about your body will help you make decisions regarding diet and exercise based on your specific needs.  For example, I now know that my body responds better to endurance and strength based exercises but not as well to high intensity interval training (HIIT).  I also now know that I do carry the genetic risk for hypertension and my recent spike in blood pressure is probably not going to resolve by decreasing salt or lowering my stress level.  I also have a tendency to have low vitamin B levels, so I take a B complex vitamin each morning.  And, I have a good genetic response to polyunsaturated fats in my diet. 

Most of my results are what I would expect.  I mean, I have lived in this body for almost 50 years which is long enough to know that I’m pretty average.  I have an average metabolism and I suffer an average risk for obesity.  I have typical aerobic capacity, average weight loss response to exercise and I do not have the genetic risk for increased snacking.  However, I do have the genetic risk for eating disinhibition which means that in certain situations I have a harder time controlling how much I eat.  My daughter has threatened to handcuff me in Mexican restaurants so I won’t eat chips until I suffer.  But, now I at least have a genetic excuse for my occasional excess.    

While not all I learned was a complete surprise, I will use the information to reinforce my healthy behaviors and to refocus my efforts based on what I now know will give me a bigger payoff.  But, I will still probably eat tortilla chips until I’m uncomfortable, as it is my nature after all. 

4 thoughts on “What is my diet type?

  1. Hey! I am one of Kat Schultz’s friends from MI and I enjoy your blog! I am a nurse practitioner and relate to your posts.
    So you recommend this kit? I have a hard time losing weight and I workout like crazy and try to be consistent with my diet 80-90% of the time. Maybe I need to dig deeper and sounds like this genetic test could help me discover things I may be doing wrong or have not tried. Thanks for the post!!

    1. Thank you for following my blog. I’ve been covering for another doctor, so my writing time has dropped recently, but I have some good ideas stirring. So, I think the Pathway Fit is very useful with both genetic diet and exercise information. Also, I’ve been using Prolon. It is a 5-day, fast-mimicking diet which gives consistent weight loss. You can order this from the Prolon website. I’ve personally done it twice with very good results. I’ll often have patients do it once a month for three months to shed 15. It is a great jumpstart and an easy thing to return to in order to shed vacation weight, etc. Plus, I think there is something to the anti-aging science behind it. DM me on instagram your email and I’ll share my full Pathway Fit report for you to check out. You can order the genetic kit online from the Pathway Genomics company.

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