How to “Get More Done”

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The tick-tock of the clock is painful, all sane and logical.  I want to tear it off the wall.  Eve 6

“Get More Done”

I used to think about time differently.  For a while I thought I accomplished more in a day in my youth than I do now, but no, I simply have added more to my to-do list.  I don’t know when I started expecting more of myself in a day than I could possibly accomplish.  And, why is it so common for people to give up very important parts to life to “get more done”.  I put this in quotes because it is a fallacy.  We do not get more done when we neglect ourselves.  This idea that sleeping less, skipping exercise or giving up our social outlets will lead to accomplishing more has been disproven over and over again.  But, human nature sometimes defies reason.  

Exercise and Sleep

Let’s take exercise and sleep.  The benefits are many, but with regard to time and accomplishments – you think more clearly when you exercise regularly and get enough sleep.  So, by giving yourself exercise and sleep you increase productivity.  Your mind wanders less.  You are more decisive.  You improve your ability to store a memory or learn a new piece of information.  So, you spend less time looking things up or spacing out.  And, you are simply more engaged.  Another cup of coffee will not do the same for you. 

Create New Memories

Interestingly, creating new memories actually makes you remember time differently.  Comparing a day of new experiences to a day of routine activities, you’ll remember the day you created new memories as being longer.  Certainly the clock did not slow down for you, but your perception of time was altered.  So, walk a new route to work, eat a different meal or speak to someone you do not know.  Who knows?  By slowing down your perception of time, you might actually “get more done”.

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