Be Safe. Be Smart. Do No Harm.

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Virus rates are going up, up, up.  While the mortality rates are so much better, the number of deaths are going up because more people are contracting the virus.  How can we control it?  We can wear a mask and we can avoid crowds.  This is not a partisan issue.  This is not a partisan virus.

An attorney came to our office to have documents signed.  Even though there is a “masks required” sign on our front door and masks to borrow hanging on the wall if you arrive without one, he entered without one.  As with most closings, there were a lot of documents to sign and we would be well within each other’s breathing space for more than 15 minutes.  We all had on our masks. I asked him if he had already had Covid.  My hope was that he would say yes and I would sigh in relief with the knowledge that he had antibodies.  Sadly, he said no. I handed him a mask to wear while we signed.  Why did I have to ask?   

We also had a patient choose to come in while awaiting a Covid test result. Fortunately, our internal processes prevented transmission of infection. But, if you have a Covid test pending, you need to quarantine until you know your results, even if you don’t think it is Covid.  This shouldn’t be new information. Covid can result in no symptoms in one person, sniffles in another and shortness of breath leading to respiratory failure in yet another.  To protect others, wear a mask.  Get tested with any symptoms and stay home until you get your results. 

A friend’s mom died after a worker came in to her home without a mask.  He had no symptoms.  He called later to let the family know he had developed symptoms shortly after his visit and tested positive.  She was hospitalized soon afterward and did not survive.

While I am certain that none of these people intended harm, the motivation of the virus is survival.  It survives by moving from host to host.  You can outsmart it if you choose to.  Wear a mask.  Be safe.  Be smart.  Do no harm.

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