Comcastic is not fantastic.

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I start my day walking the dog in the cold rain and stupidly stood too close to the curb. The splash from head to toe as a car whizzed by jolted me awake.  I should’ve realized then that my day was going to be filled with minor annoyances.   I grab a pouch of honey cinnamon peanut butter that was available as a freebie following my morning work-out class.  It seemed the perfect pick me up since I had to go to the Comcast store and exchange a modem. The packaging is far from ideal for this type of “eat on the run” treat.  By the time I pulled into Comcast, I had peanut butter oil all down the front of my clothes.  The yellowish oil, now everywhere, has the appearance of a watery mustard or a diarrhea explosion.  I sent my friend an urgent BEWARE text because she picked one up too and I proved no one should eat peanut butter out of a pouch.  The modem exchange was painless, but when I returned home to install, my day went even further south.  My daughter’s room has been out of hand for months.  This day, I trip over the guitar left lying in the middle of the living room floor.  I can’t wash my clothes because hers are still in the washer and dryer.  I can’t get into the hallway bathroom because it has two baskets of her clothes piled in front of the toilet.  And, the modem goes into her closet, so walking on piles of clothes in her room to try to deal with it causes me chest pain.  I could tell it was anxiety and not a heart attack, but I can understand why those two things are pretty easily confused. 

I then try to put in the new router, but soon realize the previous Comcast install left no room for even a pinky finger, let alone a cord to go through and down the hole left in the wall for this purpose.  Damn, damn, damn.  I was going to finally get this Wifi issue taken care of, but no.  I call Comcast, AGAIN.  I explain to the person that answered that I need help installing the modem they advised me to exchange because their previous install into our building made it such I need a carpenter to enter the space to do the exchange.  After a very heated discussion, I am now having chest pain AND a hot flash. 

My Comcast frustration spills over and I get angrier about my daughter’s clothes so I send her a text to deal with her room ASAP or I will bag her clothes and take them to Goodwill.  I then write a dissatisfied customer e-mail to Comcast and became more perturbed when I couldn’t condense my words into their limited space so I gave up and stared long and hard at the tray of bourbon.  Then, I remembered I’m planning to start a blog so maybe I should write about healthy ways to rid oneself of anger induced chest pain instead of taking a shot of bourbon.  Three paragraphs later,  I do feel a little better.  And, if Ava’s room gets cleaned as a result; it might even be worth my time and anger.

update – They sent someone out to install the modem as they didn’t even send me out with the correct one. But, I continued to have problems with wifi going in and out. Comcast eventually identified a problem with our entire building, but THEY ARE STILL CHARGING ME AN INSTALL FEE!  

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  1. I love reading your blog! Unfortunately, this post brought back memories of teenage room disasters that seem more like PTSD than just memories of the “good ole days”.

    This too shall pass.

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